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Info before start

First of all I strongly recommend to look at site www.fantasyobchod.cz (if you are English speaking please use google chrome and its great translate site tool) to watch it in English.

How it do it look here.  


One day few years ago my friend Pajda said me : "I have friend who has shop with medieval merchandise and he said he is looking for someone who can create his new e-commerce system". Few days later I am sitting in pub Verona with man with long black hairs and very long black beard, he showed me his list of things (it takes about 20 A4 list of things), so I took list to home and make financial calculation .... after it my result was one thousand hours at least :-D .... So I managed next session with this man and said him approximately price. He said ok its fair price which surprise me so we started working together :-) , after while friend GoŇ•ak join us, so we begun to create new E-commerce system from the scratch.

What I like on programming is that is specific e-commerce so you can do lot of interesting features like gamification, affiliate, game filters and so on.

First of all I want to show few features I like (public site only): 


It is simply you as customer can collect gold (you write review or send us photo or share product ... and few other things) and you can use your collected gold as payment of your order.
In this case when you have shop with board games and your customers like to play games is pretty nice to have it for just to satisfied them, at least customers is your lords :-) 

Few small things I like 


This popup window shows after you click on button add to cart, it says that you add item and shows you items that you maybe (very strong algorithm) want to buy with it :-)



This is helper (filter) for games and another sites.


Site not found with medieval guy :-)


Checkout where if you typing it shows you if you forgot street number or something, if its ok it say your are great typer :-)


Sophisticated information with reviews under product detail, customer can send also image and it give him reward and it show customers image in product detail


Responsive for mobiles and tablets

Mobiles and tablets give you another 15% of purchases (it can be different but if you look at analytics mobiles are very popular device to make purchase if your own e-commerce system ) 

Here is some sample how it looks on mobile device.



Email marketing

Great tool look here what is it on wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_marketing 


There are hundreds of features in fantasyobchod but I choose only few in this article and also administration (85% of features are in admin) site is not public so I let it hidden also in this article.

Thanks to Fantasyobchod.cz

In the end of this article I want to thank people from fantasyobchod I think your country need more companies like that, there are good people around the company.







Last work



James` resume


Here is my resume.



That was my starting carrier project (more then 2 years of building this)

multi e-commerce site

E-commerce Fantasyobchod.cz


Nice and very sofisticated website (shop) we build :-)

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