1. After university work with ecommerce systems

2. Idea of making upgates 

3. basics chose framework create database layer 

Start working


4. How it works


During 3rd year of University I got a job as php programmer in company Evici, it was small company creating websites. I worked here and later we decided to create system where you can create your own e-commerce system and also choose design. When I remember this times, I realize many mistakes we made but in the end we successfully create system and it works today and they still upgraded it 

also recommend to look at it www.upgates.com and try to create your own e-shop (for some basic example of it)

How it works  ?




And finaly your new shop is successfully created ...



Last work



James` resume


Here is my resume.



That was my starting carrier project (more then 2 years of building this)

multi e-commerce site

E-commerce Fantasyobchod.cz


Nice and very sofisticated website (shop) we build :-)

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